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Whiteside Auction and Realty has been selling homes at auction for three generations, starting with our founder J.D. Whiteside who started this business 57 years ago. Our talented auctioneers (Randy, Rocky, Brice, and Keith) are ready to help you get a great deal on your real estate property.

Auctions make selling your home easy and hassle-free. You'll know exactly when your property will be sold and all the buyers will be together in one place and time so you never have to deal with endless negotiations and delays. Plus, you may get a better price for your home than you ever expected through an auction!

Auctions also eliminate property holding costs, such as taxes, maintenance, utilities, and other expenses. The faster you sell your property, the less you have to pay.

Count on us to take care of all your auction needs. The only thing you pay is the advertising fee for your property prior to the auction. The buyer pays the auction fee along with the sales price for the property. 

Even if you currently have your property listed with a real estate agent, you can still sell it at our auction. We can work with your agent to market your home and prepare it for auction. There are no additional fees for this effective sales tool.
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